Sweden has got some of the best Roebucks in the World! Why not combine the Big Game hunting with Wingshooting?

Scandinavian Prohunters areas are the best privately owned properties in Sweden to shoot big gold medal Roebucks. The areas has been producing some of the biggest bucks in the world and one of the area was Kaiser Wilhelms favourite hunting ground.In this region we also got some World Class Fallowstag / Redstags / Mouflon /Wildboar. 3 hours away we got an area for those interested in a European Moose, Capercaille and we can also hunt the rare European Bison close by. And what’s unique is that we are also arranging Scandinavian High volume Ducks and Mixed wingshooting out from the same lodge. Read more under WINGSHOOTING


Our main lodge is situated by the beautiful Jordberga castle in the south of Sweden (see pictures at the galley) but we are also using everything from Castles to Hotels depending on your choice and area used.

Roebuck package or VIP package

This is a 4 days package including 1 Roebuck. Other species can be added also number of extra days.

In the VIP package we are hunting in some of the areas that has produced some of the biggest bucks in the World! The difference is that on this areas the prices are a sliding scale depending on the size of the horns.

Example on program

Day 1 Pick up Stockholm

Day 2 - 3 Hunt

Day 4 Depart or Sightseeing in Stockholm

1-2 days extra per animal

1 May - 10 June & 16 Aug - 31 Oct
Roebuck / Mouflon / Wildboar / Fishing

1 Sept - 31 Dec
Roebuck / European Redstag / European Moose / Fallowstag / Mouflon / Wildboar / European Bison / Capercaille / Fishing / Wingshooting

Holiday hunt package

Wingshooting & Big game hunting

Example on program

Day 1 Pick up Copenhagen

Day 2 - 3 Wingshoot

Day 4 - 5 Big game / Pike Fishing

Day 6 Depart or Travel to Stockholm, London for continue the hunt.

1 Oct - 31 Dec
Roebuck / European Redstag / Fallowstag / Mouflon / Wildboar / European Moose / European Bison / Capercaille / Wingshooting / Pike Fishing

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