Scottish Highland stag

Red stag are hunted in the Highlands. The hunting method is ‘spot and stalk’, so you need to dress for an active day. You will sneak, worming your way forward and crawling to come within shooting range. Sometimes the wind is fierce and, in such circumstances, the guide may not allow you to shoot from too great a distance. You will have to work for the game, as nothing comes for free; however, it is an unforgettable hunting experience, and the guides are happy to adjust the pace to your liking. Red stag hunting in Scotland is not primarily a hunt for trophies, but for experiences.

Wingshooting and Flyfishing can also be arranged


In the highlands we are using some charming B&B that can be upgraded to castle.

Scottish Redstag package

This is a 3 days package including 1 Scottish Redstag. Other species can be added.


Day 1 Pick up Inverness / Scotland

Day 2 - 3 Hunt (hunt is finished when animal shoot)

Day 4 Depart or other activities.

1 Sept - 20 Oct
Scottish Redstag / Japanese Sikastag / Roebuck

The Best of Sweden and Scotland

This is a 7 days package including 1 Roebuck & 1 Scottish Redstag. Other species can be added.


Day 1 Pick up Copenhagen

Day 2 - 3 Hunt

Day 4 2 hours flight to Edingburgh then 3 hours by car.

Day 5 - 6 Hunt

Day 7 Depart or Sightseeing

1 Sept - 20 Oct
Roebuck / Scottish Redstag / European Redstag / Fallowstag / Sikastag / Mouflon / Wildboar / European Bison / European Moose / Fishing / Wingshooting

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