Muskox and Caribou


Muskox This prehistorical animal has become very popular to hunt and that is understandable We will go by boat along the river trying then finding some good spotting places. When a good bull is located the stalk will start on foot. In the package there is one Muskox incl regardless size. For those interested in a Caribou the area is producing some very good trophies. Accommodation is in a very comfortable tented camp.


Combine your Trophy hunting adventure with small game hunting for Arctic Fox, Ptarmigan and Arctic Hare. The Arctic Hare and the Ptarmigan are common ingredient in everyday cooking in Greenland, and it always brings great joy at the dining table when a delicious stewed Ptarmigan is served. Polar fox fur is a favorite component in outdoor clothing during the cold months. In the colder period hunters are staying in cottage.

Muskox package

This is a 6 days package including 1 Muskox. Caribou can be added.


Day 1 Pick up Kangerlussuaq / Greenland

Day 2 - 5 Hunt

Day 6 Depart

31 July - 30 Sept
Muskox / Barren ground Caribou

1 March - 30 April
Muskox / ArticFox / ArticHare / Ptarmigan

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