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Scandinavian Prohunters at your service

Scandinavian Prohunters are specialising in hunts in northern Europe. Remember that is so short distance so its easy to combine several countries on your trip where you apart from different species also will see other traditions and cultures. SWEDEN NORWAY GREENLAND FINLAND DENMARK ENGLAND SCOTLAND

Holiday hunts

Apart from good accommodation and food, most of our areas are situated so they are very nice to combine with some sightseeing. Most couples are flying a couple of days in advance for example to Copenhagen for sightseeing. We go out to the area for hunting out of a very nice "lodge". After the hunt up to Stockholm for a few days hunting and sightseeing before flying back OR continue the adventure to England for example.

More than 30 years of professional hunting experience

Meet Stefan Bengtsson and Sofia Hammarskjöld...

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