In Sweden we are every year shooting boars over 200 kg. The boars are hunted at night time but in the fall you can also try a European driven hunt.


In the summer month we are sitting and waiting on the boars at fields where they are going out to feed. Later in the year we are sitting and waiting on feeding places. Its lots of action to hunt to boar on a driven hunt. It will normally be a group of 8-15 hunters and if you can’t get a full group we also got hunts that you can join. On this hunts we are also depending on area used also are shooting Fallow and even Moose in some places.



The areas is privatly owned areas situated in the southern parts of Sweden. The areas are managed by game keepers making sure that there always are some good trophies and that you will have a good hunt.



Wildboar 1/5 – 31/3