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  • England Chinese Waterdeer & Muntjac

    Hosted hunt

    Join us to England on this hosted hunt. We are hunting the mysterious Muntjac and Chinese Water deer. But there will also be possibility for English Redstag, Fallowstag, Japanese Sika, Machurian Sika

    Hosted hunt England 2021

    Hosted hunt

    This is by many regarded as the highlight of hunting in Europe. Hunting Roebuck and Wildboar in the spring when the nature is waking up is not just a big hunting adventure but also a greta nature experience.

    Poland Roebuck & Wildboar 2021
  • Scotland highland Red stag

    Hosted hunt

    JOIN US to Scotlands fantastic highlands for Redstag with the possibility for Sika and Roebucks as well. You can upgrade to stay in a very charming Scottish Castle. For the non hunters so apart from hunting there will be the possibility for Flyfishing, Golf, visiting Whisky distilled, Tweed factory and of course LOCH NESS.

    Hosted hunt Scotland 2021