World class Roebucks in South Sweden

It is no coincidence that Swedish Roebuck are classified as the most beautiful buck in the world.  Tall, slender, and symmetric, they will provide you with an awesome trophy that will most certainly find a prominent spot in your home. 

Poland and Denmark

In the spring and summer month we are also arranging Roebuck hunts in Poland and Denmark.  


The areas we are using has been producing some of the biggest bucks in the world and one of the area was Kaiser Wilhelms favourite hunting ground. Scandinavian Prohunters have the best privately owned properties in the Southern part of Sweden where we every year shoot big gold medal bucks. But plan this hunt in advance since there are a big request for this World class trophies!



The areas is privatly hunting clubs situated in the northern parts of Poland where it’s Warzawa that you will be flying into. The areas are managed by game keepers making sure that there always are some good trophies and that you will have a good hunt.


We are hunting on privately own areas that are managed by gamekeeper.



is a classic spot and stalk hunt early morning and late evening. 



SWEDEN  16/8 – 31/12

POLAND 1/5 – 31/1

DENMARK 16/5 – 15/7



SWEDEN The price are based on the weight of the scull 24 hours after boiling minus 90 gram.

POLAND and DENMARK here we are hunting on a set price regardless size.

There are no bag limit on the number of bucks you are shooting so most of the hunters are going for more than one.