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The dramatic landscape of Scotland adds additional flavour to the hunting experience. The combination of the quality of the hunting, the sense of tradition and the pleasant local people make this one of our favourite destinations.


Red stag are hunted in the Highlands. The hunting method is ‘spot and stalk’, so you need to dress for an active day. You will sneak, worming your way forward and crawling to come within shooting range. Sometimes the wind is fierce and, in such circumstances, the guide may not allow you to shoot from too great a distance. You will have to work for the game, as nothing comes for free; however, it is an unforgettable hunting experience, and the guides are happy to adjust the pace to your liking. Red stag hunting in Scotland is not primarily a hunt for trophies, but for experiences.

Sika deer, on the other hand, are hunted in dense forests in the lowlands, early in the morning and at dusk. Combining the two hunts gives a good sense of variety, and you will have sampled two contrasting experiences of nature.

Wingshooting can also be arranged

Our hunting grounds are situated in Inverness-shire, with a starting point in Inverness. There are a large number of estates in this region that we work closely with, spread across an area totalling 400,000 hectares! What characterises these hunting grounds is that, in addition to red/sika stag and roebuck, we can also, for a small additional fee, offer rough shooting, rabbit hunts with polecats and hare drives.


Red stag/sika stag: 1 September – 20 October

Red deer hinds: 21 October – 31 January

Roebuck: 1 April – 1 November


Accommodation is at a traditional bed and breakfast hotel; however, if so desired, we can also arrange for accommodation at a castle.


Flying into Glasgow, you can choose to be picked up at the airport; alternatively, if you rent a car you will be picked up at your accommodation on the morning(s) on which you are going out to hunt.