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To hunt the European Moose with dogs or the traditional driven hunt is something that every hunter once must try.

EUROPEAN MOOSE – with dogs

Sneaking up on a moose the hunting dogs have cornered is one of the most exciting hunting experiences you will ever have.  No matter what or where you have hunted in the world, your pulse will spike when you close in on a moose.  You must go into the wind as quietly as possible, and always know where the dog is.  You must also quickly determine if any animals are slipping away from the area.  This type of hunting puts your hunting skills to the test, and it is important to keep all your senses on high alert in order to make quick decisions.

DRIVEN HUNT- traditional hunt with some friends

Scandinavian Prohunters are also arranging a few drivenhunts on Moose every year. These hunts are often combined with shooting Wildboars, Fallow stag and Red stag.

We will normally having 3 drives per day with a break in the middle of the day for a lunch in the forest. Each hunter will have the possibility to walk with the dog handler in some of the drives. The group shall be between 6 – 12 hunters and we expect to shoot 2-5 Moose / day for the group.


Mid Oct – End January



Will be in charming country hotels but on the Driven hunt we are staying at Castle.