Greenland is a country that is lots of untouched areas. We do our hunts in the start of the season straight up to the Ice Sheet. In this untouched nature we are hunting Muskox and Barren Ground Caribou.


Muskox and Barren Ground Caribou.



Will be in a comfortable tented camp or cabins depending on area used. The meals will be made of local products arctic char, shrimps, MUSKOX, reindeer etc. Last night will be stayed in hotel.



There isn’t much sightseeing to do in Kangerlussuaq, but the experience that we are having up against the Ice sheet is a big adventure.



You can fly into Kangerlussuaq with Greenland air via Copenhagen or via Iceland. From Copenhagen its a 4 hours flight.

When you arrives we will meet you up at the airport and we will then go by boat to the camp a ride of about 2 hours.

After the hunt we will stay the last night at a hotel at the airport so we can have a shower before flying out.



Its easy to bring in firearm to Greenland, but we also got rental guns. Recommended calibers are 30-06 – 375 HH