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  • When the trip is booked, a deposit is required, calculated based on the cost of the trip. This deposit is non-refundable, with the exception of a trip being sold out, in which case the deposit is refunded.
  • After the deposit has been paid, you will be contacted in order to book trip dates, flights and rental cars, and arrange the import of firearms and purchase of hunting licenses in the countries in question, as well as to attend to other questions or issues regarding the trip.
  • Trips of up to $ 2000 are to be fully paid 45 days prior to departure. If payment is not made in full, the booking will be cancelled.
  • Payment for trips of over $ 2000 will be divided into two instalments, in addition to the deposit payment. The first invoice of half of the total is sent out 15 days after booking, and the second and final invoice 45 days prior to departure. Please note that the first invoice must be paid in full to confirm the booking. If the final invoice is not paid within the prescribed time, the trip will be cancelled and the deposit, along with the first payment instalment, will not be refunded, as the operator does not refund the hunting fee. In the event of illness, contact your insurance company regarding any losses.
  • Any additional fees, discounts and advance payments for trophies are included in the final invoice.
  • If you choose to receive an invoice for the trip, an administration fee of $ 60 will be charged.

Trophies can be paid for in two different ways:

  1. Either on-site, at the end of the trip and before departure;
  2. or in advance, i.e. covering possible trophy animals; with regard to the final settlement after returning from the trip, this sum will be deducted from what has been shot.

PLEASE NOTE! If an animal is fired at and it is established that it was hit, a trophy fee is to be paid.

If Scandinavian Prohunters book your flight, it is performed via
Lingmerths Eksjö
Södra Kyrkogatan 11
SE-575 31 EKSJÖ
Tel: +46 (0)10-122 67 15


Lingmerths will contact you to help you in booking suitable flights. We recommend credit card payment for bookings, as the flight is then covered by travel insurance. If you bring firearms, you should notify us.

In 1995, a new European firearms pass was introduced, which we as European hunters are required to carry when we hunt abroad in Europe. It is recommended to apply for this in good time before the hunting trip. The pass is issued following a visit to a local police station. It may take up to 14 days to receive a European firearms pass, depending on the police district.

A visa is required to enter some countries, e.g. the USA and the Central African Republic, among others. Please visit to find out what the requirements are for your trip.


Scandinavian Prohunters sees to it that all of the necessary formalities are in order in connection with the transportation of firearms and ammunition via public transport, provided that we have received the required and correct information from the client at an early stage of the booking process. Scandinavian Prohunters cannot, however, guarantee the handling of firearms by the airline companies. The firearm is to be transported in a lockable weapons case. The components essential to functioning (the bolt or forestock) and ammunition are to be kept in your suitcase.

What is and is not included in the arrangements for trips is made clear prior to the trip/event commencing. What is agreed or arranged on-site regarding e.g. additional hotel nights before and/or after the hunt, requests for single rooms, extra meals, renting of firearms, consumption of ammunition, will be added to the total fee. These extra costs will be paid by each hunter on-site.

For each country, we need to receive the following information from you in order to apply for the necessary documents:
European firearms pass (copy), Swedish hunting permit (copy), passport (copy), and one passport photo.
Great Britain
European firearms pass (copy, for the English original), passport (copy), hunting permit (copy).
Passport (copy), hunting permit (copy).
Personal information and firearm details if applicable (fill in the attached form).
North America
Personal data and firearm details if applicable (fill in the attached form).

Scandinavian Prohunters assist you with finding a good taxidermist. Please note that Scandinavian Prohunters are not liable to the taxidermist or the hunter.

(trophies, skin and meat)

The regulations for species on CITES lists and the authorities responsible for CITES in each country’s CITES authority can be found at the CITES website;

Please note that Scandinavian Prohunters cannot take any responsibility for importing killed trophies to the hunter’s home country. It is the responsibility of each hunter to research the legal restrictions and conditions, and to make the necessary import arrangements to the home country. We therefore encourage each hunter to inform themselves of the current regulations.

Many clients have adequate coverage for their person, liability and equipment as part of their home insurance.
HOWEVER, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY to find out exactly how well insured you are for the trip.

Scandivian Prohunters are members of Kammarkollegiet’s Resegarantifond (‘travel guarantee fund’).

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